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Dispatched from the UK, usually the same working day. Currently, we deliver to the UK only, but aim to add more countries in the future.

Expertly configured by K-tec

We use our expert knowledge to make your retro gaming experience even better. Custom firmware pre-installed, settings tuned for performance and ease of use.

SD card lifetime guarantee

microSD cards supplied with our handhelds come with our lifetime guarantee.

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Welcome to K-tec UK

Do you remember the sense of triumph from finally beating that addictively hard classic console game? The pride from saving the world… or the universe? The thrill of going to the arcade?

Perhaps there was that one game you could never get your hands on…

Now you can have hundreds or thousands of classic games in one device, spanning multiple generations of console, handheld, and arcade machine up to the late 90s… ready to go at the flick of a switch.

We’ll expand our catalogue soon, but we will only ever stock devices that meet our select criteria. They must:

  • be easy to use
  • require minimal set-up
  • feature a wide range of games from different publishers
  • include important titles that kindle nostalgia
  • be difficult to put down when we’re testing them.