After doing a lot of research, I knew I had to buy a Miyoo Mini, specially the V2, had to download Onion OS and then another tweak to have box art. I wanted a UK supplier as that’s what I’m comfortable with. 

I’m at the age where I just want things easy. And yes I could do it myself but I was pleasantly surprised that they have it all done so it’s just plug and play. Dispatch is very quick. Ordered Sunday evening, posted out Monday and got to me on Wednesday. 

Any correspondence from K-TEC is quick and responsive. It’s nice finding a niche retro game store that offer such items. It’s always nerve racking buying from unknown places but I’m happy I did. 

Have shown my friends and they’ve bought a few things from K-TEC too. Good customer service. 

Will buy from them again. 



Super duper customer service with Mike from K-TEC.

I was on the lookout during 2022 for a retro handset that would play all of the old retro games I used to play when I was a young boy. After researching each handheld from PowKiddy RGB20S, to Anbernic and lots of others, I felt the controls were too close together and the small handhelds didn’t tick the boxes. They just didn’t jump out at me. 

I then saw the PowKiddy RGB10 MAX 2 online and there were so many good reviews about it. I knew that this was the handheld game system for me. The screen was much bigger, the controls were easier to hold, everything about it made sense. I came across K-TEC Systems who are based in Carlisle in the UK and I was very impressed with their website. I called Michael from K-TEC Systems and he was very patient. Michael explained how to use the PowKiddy RGB10 MAX 2 with all its amazing features. It’s safe to say he didn’t disappoint. He was very professional and he is full of lots of knowledge. I have had many hours of fun with this handheld and the best part is, I am reliving my childhood over and over again. Thanks again Michael for your exemplary customer service. Recommending your services is done without hesitation.


Greater Manchester

I’m very pleased with both the device and the service I got from K-TEC. I ordered a Miyoo Mini hoping to get one at a fair price shipped from within the UK, but didn’t want to buy from an untrusted source or a drop shipper. K-TEC is much more than a standard retailer. They take an existing device and improve it, loading community-agreed upon gold-standard software onto the device… and more reliable storage than the Micro SDs that these handhelds typically come with. This means that for anyone just looking to get into the emulation handheld hobby, who isn’t keen on the tinkering side, it’s the optimal choice. Furthermore, the price vs trying to buy a unit from Miyoo direct on Aliexpress is very reasonable when you consider the cost of the device, tax, shipping, time spent on tweaks, and the improved Micro SD. Even for those of us comfortable with setting things up with custom software and options, it may well still be the best choice if you at all value your time.

The item was shipped promptly and arrived fast, so I wasn’t waiting nearly as long as I would be buying from China. Post-sale, I’ve been very impressed with how communicative and open K-TEC have been, and see them as an asset to the Emulation community.



I’ve purchased two handhelds and plan on buying more from K-TEC because their devices ensure you relive your favourite gaming moments with incredible precision and nostalgia. Their commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. Trust K-TEC to deliver outstanding services that cater to all your gaming needs and make them your go-to choice for the ultimate retro gaming journey!



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