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It’s important to make a backup

Even with the lifetime guarantee we give our microSD cards, it is still recommended that you backup your card(s) as soon as you receive your device. See How to backup your retro handheld’s microSD card(s).

Learn more about your device

To learn more about your device, and how to use it, please choose the appropriate user guide below.

K-tec user guides, tips, and hints

Welcome to the K-tec Knowledge Base.

If you’re impatient to get started, here are a few hints.

Power on your device: Press and hold the POWER button for a few seconds.

Safely power off your device:

Most Anbernic devicesPress R3 (the right-hand analogue stick) and the POWER button together
Anbernic RG280VPress START, then A
PowKiddy RGB10 MAX 2A short-press of the POWER button
Miyoo MiniHold the POWER button for a few seconds

Quit a game:

Most devicesSELECT + START twice in quick succession
Anbernic RG280VSELECT + START (sometimes this brings up a menu; choose Exit or Quit)

Please see the user guides for situations where different hotkeys from the above are required.


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